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Privacy statement

This application will never access your personal data, or any other data that is stored on your device. It does not require any privileges, like access to your contact list, coarse or fine location, WiFi status...

It will read the device specifications and Cyrillix application preferences, and send them as feedback, but only on your explicit command. This will happen if you select one of the following menu items:

The following information will be sent (sample data is presented here, for clarity):
NameSample valueExplanation
Model:Tesla Smartphone 6 
KbdSize:11,17,1,2 Selected keyboard size, Portrait: 11-768pix, Landscape: 17-1280pix,
Key sound: 1-Click (0-Off, 1-Click, 2-Spell out),
Cyrillic long press: 2-Actions (1-Default, 2-Actions popup menu)
PrefTxt:TffTf Action preferences:
  T - Cyrillic checked
  f - Latin not checked
  f - English not checked
  T - Ask every time checked
f - User guide not displayed (becomes T when you open Help → User guide)
Please note that the explanation above refers to some terms that will be explained later in this guide.

You should be aware that your IP address will be recorded in the mail server logs (when you send feedback by mail) or web server logs (when you send feedback via browser), as is normally the case when you send your regular mail messages or browse the web.

Copyright © 2016 Cyrillix application (name, idea and implementation) is the original work of its author.


The main purpose of this application is to provide a means to easily transliterate a short text from Serbian Cyrillic alphabet to Latin alphabet text, both Latin with Serbian letters and plain English text. Please note that transliteration is not translation, this application will not translate the text, but merely "rewrite" it with Latin letters.

It can be used to decrypt the names of streets and other signs and labels that are displayed in Cyrillic manner, which is common in Serbia. When you get the unknown text in Latin alphabet, you can use it easier, for example to look it up on your printed map which has names of the streets in Latin alphabet.

The custom keyboard provided in this application has some distinct features that standard keyboards do not provide, like selecting a custom key size (big unknown letters are easier to locate on the keyboard than little unknown letters).

Moreover, with the "spell out" feature you can hear how each letter sounds, as you type it.

The "Actions" popup menu provides some interesting options, like "Parallel alphabets" where you can see (and hear) all Cyrillic letters in parallel with their Latin alphabet counterparts, and "Frequent words" where again you can see and hear how some common words look and sound like in Serbian. There are also two audio features for calling the waiter, which you should use with caution and at your own risk.

Basic usage

The screen of the application can be divided into three areas:

Normally, all you have to do is type the Cyrillic letters (while standing in front of the sign with the street name, hopefully on the sidewalk and not on the street). Cyrillic letters will always appear in the upper line, followed by the Latin alphabet and plain English below. If you selected "Spell out" as key sound option, you will hear how each letter sounds as you type them.

If the keyboard is larger than the screen - it can be scrolled left or right. All 30 letters of Serbian alphabet are on the keyboard, together with Space, Backspace, Shift, ←, → and Select key.

Menus and menu hierarchy

Subtopics: Main menu can be accessed in one of two different ways: Main menu has five options: Menu hierarchy: Here is the hierarchical list of all menu items:
    Geo query
    Search the web
    Cursor Home
    Cursor End
    Select all
    Undo clear
    Parallel alphabets
    Frequent words
    Call waiter, voice
    Call waiter, glass break
  Keyboard size
  Key sound
    Spell out
  Cyrillic long press
    Default text selection menu
    Actions pop-up menu
    User guide
    Cyrillix blog on
    Send feedback by mail
    Send feedback via browser
    About Cyrillix
Some of the above items will be explained in the following sections, others are hopefully self-explanatory. If not - please try to find (or ask for) more detailed explanations on Cyrillix blog,

Actions menu

Various actions, which can be invoked on the text that you typed, are located here. They are grouped into three groups, colored in the colors of the Serbian national flag - red, blue and white. They will be explained in the following subsections: Actions menu can be invoked in three different ways: Please note that second and third option show only simple pop-up menus which are not colored, while first option invokes the multicolored menu which is easier to use.

Actions, red

Red actions are actions that are performed with the text you typed, by other applications. The text you typed in the Cyrillic box, and/or its transliterations (called Latin and English), are given to another application for further "processing". The actions in the red part of actions menu are:

Please bear in mind that the above actions will invoke applications that may connect to internet. If you don't like it (e.g. due to high roaming prices), please disable networking on your device, or don't invoke the above actions. Also, please note that the Cyrillix application does not have privileges to connect to internet and it will never connect by itself.

Action preferences

The action preferences setup screen looks like below:

You can choose to include each text separately by ticking the check marks on the left of Cyrillic, Latin and English. You can also tick "Ask every time" if you want to review and maybe change your options on each action invoking.

"Prepend fixed text" and "Append fixed text", if not empty, are put together with the text you type in the Cyrillic box, so you can make your queries more precise, thus allowing the actions to provide better results. For example, if you are typing the names of the streets in Belgrade, it make sense to set Belgrade as prepend and Serbia as append text - you will have better map positioning.

Actions, blue

Blue actions help you edit the text you type. They are:

Actions, white

Write actions are meant to be some kind of helpers on your way through Serbia and Serbian language. They are:

Keyboard setup

There are two parameters for keyboard that user can adjust:

Keyboard size

You can set a separate keyboard size for both portrait and landscape orientation of your device, so "Keyboard size" menu option first presents the submenu with two choices, "Portrait" and "Landscape", and then opens the popup window with the size options for chosen orientation, like below:

You can choose one of the 24 predefined keyboard widths, or set it to automatic and let the program find the best fit. If you choose to have the keyboard that is wider than the screen of your device - you will be able to scroll through it left or right. This way you could have large letters of the unfamiliar alphabet on your screen, at the price of scrolling the keyboard.

Key sound

Key sound can be set to "Off", "Click" or "Spell out", the last one providing the audio feedback of how each letter you type is spelled out (pronounced) in Serbian. It will not read out the whole words (this is a bit more complex thing to do), but at least you will know what each letter of Cyrillic alphabet sounds like. In Serbian language there are no complex rules of tangling the spoken language to make it different than its written equivalent, like in other languages. It is simple and straightforward: one written letter always corresponds to one spoken letter, and vice versa, so hearing separate letters might be helpful after all.

Cyrillic long press

This option determines which action will be performed when long press (touch and hold) is applied on the Cyrillic text. Normally, when you touch and hold your finger over some text - standard android text selection/copy/paste menu appears,

This also goes for Latin and English text boxes.

However, you may choose to activate Actions menu on a long press of Cyrillic text instead. It contains copy/paste operations, but also some others, and you have the means of selecting Cyrillic text on the keyboard, so you may want to use Actions menu instead of the default. Please remember that Actions menu can also be activated via action button () on the top of the screen, the effect will be absolutely the same, but you will see more colors.

Help and feedback

Main menu → Help opens the help submenu with the following options:

User guide

This guide. If you are here - no need to explain anything.

Cyrillix blog on

Opens web browser of your choice and connects to the Cyrillix blog, There you are likely to find a lot more information about the application and more detailed user guide.

Send feedback by mail

Opens the mail client application and prepares a mail message which contains the feedback information (as described in the Privacy statement), with the mail subject set to "Cyrillix: Application feedback" and the recipient address "". If you have more than one mail client installed on your device, you may be presented with the prompt like:

in order to pick the mail client to be used for this session. The message body will be set up to contain the feedback information, with the possibility to add some text into it. All your comments provided in this way will be analyzed and used, in order to improve the application.

Please note that this mail message also contains your email address as a sender address. Your address will never be used nor presented to anybody, but if you want to remain anonymous - you may opt to send feedback via web browser. The author of this application will be equally grateful for your feedback, be it by mail or web.

Send feedback via browser

Feedback via browser provides the same information as via mail (as described in the Privacy statement), only the transport is different. It launches a web browser and hits the web page on the Cyrillic web site, fills up the feedback information and provides a means to enter your impressions, if you like. All your comments provided in this way will be analyzed and used to improve the application.

About Cyrillix

The about box provides the information about your device and the options that you have set up inside Cyrillix. This information is the same as the feedback that is sent via mail or web browser, and is described in more detail in the Privacy statement. Also, external resources that were used in application making are mentioned here.

"Advanced" text editing

To be honest, there is nothing advanced in editing one line of text. But I would like to explain some things here, which are not obvious and yet may be useful.

Unlike other Android soft keyboards, Cyrillic keyboard in this application features arrows for moving the cursor left or right, so you don't need to additionally grease your screen with your finger if you skipped one letter and you want the cursor a little to the left to correct it.

In relation to moving cursor with arrows is another feature - text selection. You switch on the select mode, by pressing the select button, and drive the cursor with arrows to select part of the text. This way you can easily select arbitrary continuous part of Cyrillic text that you typed (or pasted):

  1. Navigate to the one end of the text you want to select, using arrows
  2. Press "Select" button on the keyboard
  3. Navigate to the other end of the text you want to select, using arrows
After that, cut and copy operations will apply to the selected text, paste operation will replace the selected text with the contents of the clipboard (leaving unselected parts of the text unchanged), typing another letter on the keyboard will replace the selected text.

Copyright notice

Copyright © 2016 Cyrillix application is the original work of its author. This includes the name, idea and the way application is implemented.