About Cyrillix

Cyrillix is simple transliterator for Serbian cyrillic alphabet.
Free Android application.
Ad-Free Android application.

It helps you decrypt what is written on signs and labels around the city, if you are in Serbia.

It also helps you hear what each letter of cyrillic alphabet sounds like, as you type them.

The general idea is to make Serbian language and cyrillic alphabet friendlier, and the way around Serbia easier to the visitors.

Main features of the application:

  • Custom keyboard – no need to set up additional keyboad/language on your device.
  • Custom keyboard size – you can make it big enough to easily locate the letters of the alphabet that you are not familliar with.
  • Audio feedback – hear what each letter sounds like as you type it.
  • Easily share the text you typed, or use it for maps lookup, translate…
  • Vocabulary packed with over 26 most common Serbian words (that is, 27 Serbian words) that a tourist in Serbia might need, with audio.
  • Requires no privileges, will not look up your data nor connect to internet.

Cyrillix is developed in Lazarus/FreePascal with LAMW wizard suite. Keyboard buttons are designed on http://dabuttonfactory.com/.

Copyright © 2017 Unforget.rs: Cyrillix application is the original work of its author. This includes the name, idea and the way application is implemented.

Get the Cyrillix Android app from SlideME.

Transliterator for tourists in Serbia